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We are offering dirrerent Quran Learning courses online. these courses are beneficial for the people of all ages range. we have got a range of courses from basec level to enhanced level.

  • Qaida (basic Tajweed for small children)
  • Nazrah Quran Majeed (Recitation of The Holy Quran)
  • Tajweed Quran Majeed (Principles of Recitation of The Holy Quran)
  • Hifz-ul-Quran (Memorization of The Holy Quran)
  • Quran Majeed Translation
  • Arabic Language Learning Classes
  • Basic Islamic Knowledge. Containing Five pillars of Islam, Touheed, Risalat, Eman, Kalimas, Prayer, Fasting, Hajj, Zakat, Daily Sunna Duas & memorization of last 20 suras of 30th Para of The Holy Quran
  • Free special offer for students & their parents to contact through e-mail for their religious queries
  • Lectures on different Islamic topic once in a week for students & their parents is included in the Courses

We are an online source for Muslims residing in non-Muslim areas with limited access or having difficulties to learn the Holy Quran regularly. This online teaching institution is designed to deliver the best of the Quran learning with the convenience of your own home. Our one-to-one teaching method through Skype gives an excellent time-saving benefit of in-person learning.

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